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TMI List and Baby Dust

TTCLuana Cardenas8 Comments

So I’m on my third cycle of trying to conceive, and well… it has obviously been a fail because I am not pregnant smh. Henceforth, to keep my self motivated and positive (It’s the only way to get pregnant amirite?), I decided to make a list of all the things I have going for me. Making lists can really put things into perspective and it turns out my ttc journey hasn't all all been downhill.


    New Years Resolution

    TTCLuana Cardenas3 Comments

    Solomon's fourth monthaversary is coming up, and I’ve contemplated wether or not I should share my husband’s and I decision to try to conceive again. Many will think it is too soon at this point in the game. I understand why of course, I have to first consider my personal health before stepping in to the huge responsibility of gestating another human life.