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Our First Week with Violet, Breastfeeding, & Babies First Bath at home Video !

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The first couple of days at the hospital were amazing! [You can watch our birth Vlog here]. The surgery was great and everything went perfectly! I learned how to safely handle my baby, change her diapy, how to nurse, and the many ways our sweet flower enjoys to be soothed. But newborns get hungry every 2-3 hours around the clock. Not to mention all the poking and prodding as the nurses come in every hour or so to check yours and babies vitals, draw blood, test baby for this and that, etc. The anxiety alone goes without saying. Although Violet was such a calm baby, she taught me the true meaning of exhaustion!

My Perfect Rainbow Baby Birth and Birth Vlog

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The birth of our baby represents so much love, Prayer, and is proof that my God is always good. 

The medical team at West Boca Medical Center and everyone I came in contact from custodial, dietary, and to every nurse and doctor... they were kind, respectful and I could not have asked for a better first birthday for our rainbow.

My heart is so full of joy and excitement to share with you the epic (well to us anyway) birth of our beautiful daughter, Violet!

Rainbow Baby Bohemian Flower Shower

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I spent a lot of time debating wether or not I would have a baby shower for our rainbow. I was already gifted so many amazing and essential items at Solomon's baby shower... Nursery furniture, mamaroo, boppy, bottles, toys... you name it. I knew if I threw another shower that it would definitely not be about the gifts; but a symbolic gesture and celebration of Violet's long awaited arrival. In the Brazilian culture, It's unheard of for anyone to throw any party for you... I knew it would take work, a little stress, and frankly... the funds to throw something I could be proud of. So I bit the bullet and got to work.

6 Things You will Need to Survive a Pregnancy after Loss

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There is no if, and's or buts. If you are a PAL, you will not get through this pregnancy sane without one. Let me tell you something, you will think you will be strong and that you won't give into the crazy. Then, after the 1st trimester you will cave. Save yourself the anxiety and just GET ONE. I know I tried to resist for a few weeks in the beginning of my pregnancy, but there ain't no shame in this PAL game. 

Scared of being a "Real" mom - Pregnancy after Loss Update (24 Weeks)

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I'm excited, yet I'm absolutely terrified. I can't wait to see what it's actually like... I have never had to be a "REAL" mom before. Sure, I gave birth to a beautiful little prince, and I am forever Solomon's mommy. And being so has been such a gift. However, It has never required me to actually bathe a living newborn, or feed a newborn with actual elements of my own body (Which I hear is not exactly a walk in the park), or stay up all day and be up night with a reaaaaal baby. These are things I have never EVER had to do!  Let me spell it out for you, I have ZERO experience! I mean, I've only ever been pregnant, 15 whole months to be exact. That is a whole year of pregnancy and then some, and I still have 3 more months to go! I seem to be pretty good at being pregnant, which is great. It's just going to be so weird to not be pregnant anymore, and to actually have a living and breathing baby outside of this baby growing machine of mine. Oh, the concept! it sounds so scary yet so magical and wonderful, yet like, really really hard.

Pregnancy after loss - First Trimester Done!

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If you are a loss mommy or have been following a little bit of my story, you may have learned that there is no such thing as the first trimester "Danger Zone". Yes, miscarriage rate is higher in the first 12 weeks and drops significantly thereafter but horrible and unsead things can happen at any point during gestation. My son passed away at 36 weeks, I was 9 months pregnant! Reality check, every day is a god damned danger zone.

Our Big Thanksgiving Announcement

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Many of you may or may not know that we struggled to conceive again after Solomon. It turned out we were diagnosed with infertility (which I go into detail here). And we had to fight a little harder than most people to conceive again (our IVF journey here).

But thankfully, God's plan was always at play and we were so happy to announce our growing miracle! (Well technically everyone already knew but we wanted to make it "Facebook official")

We grabbed the camera and asked my mom to snap a few photos before our Thanksgiving Lunch... I think she did alriiiiiight :).