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Sol's Six Month Angel Monthaversary

Luana Cardenas1 Comment

Hi special baby! Today is your six month angel monthaversary! Today you would have been rolling over, sitting up, possibly even crawling! If you were here today, mommy would take you on a fun walk. We would see the birds and the trees. We would play with your furry brother Oly, too! We would have even booked you a photoshoot to celebrate you being a big boy, and to get those silly pics mommies like to have. I know you would have been so chubby/healthy, so happy, so full of life. I would have given you my best and we would have been the happiest.

Mommy is sad she can't shower you with gifts and cover you in delicious kisses. Today mommy will only dream of the times we would have had. These six months have been so hard without you but I know that you are in a place much better that what I could ever give you. A place so beautiful and perfect and that is just what you deserve.

You were small, now you are so big. You were not breathing, now you live forever. You are God’s number one angel and my number one everything! Mommy misses you every single day. I love you. I love you!!