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Letters to Solomon

You are missing from me

Letters to SolomonLuana Cardenas2 Comments

Everyone is asleep, and the house is quiet. No one knows I’m up thinking of you. The house is dark and silent, and that is how my heart feels sometimes. Its dark because your smile and laughter would have been my light. It is silent because your little coos and cries are missing from me. A few people have told me that I should move on. When is the right time to forget you, my dear? When will the time come that I won’t long for you with such despair.

It's Been One Month

Letters to SolomonLuana Cardenas2 Comments

Hello baby boy. Its been one month since you’ve come and gone, and all on the same day. Its been one month since Jesus closed your eyes and decided that you were much too perfect for this sinful world. Its been one month since you left a small whole in my heart from which you snuggled perfectly in since you were conceived with the most love any one can ever imagine. 

Mommy thinks about you all of the time. What are you doing up there? Are you playing nice and making friends? Are you worshiping God and helping Jesus with any special tasks? You are not here my baby, but you will always be my son.

A letter to my son, Solomon.

Letters to SolomonLuana Cardenas6 Comments

My sweet angel Solomon, the worst pain I ever knew was loosing you. You were my light, you were my joy, you were my life. You brought me hope, you brought me love, you brought me everything I ever asked God for. Your were the missing piece I never knew I was missing. You were, in a tiny little package, the conjoining of two souls in love, that God himself put together with his bare hands. You were my son, everything true and right to your mommy.