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A letter to my son, Solomon.

Letters to SolomonLuana Cardenas6 Comments

My sweet angel Solomon, the worst pain I ever knew was loosing you. You were my light, you were my joy, you were my life. You brought me hope, you brought me love, you brought me everything I ever asked God for. Your were the missing piece I never knew I was missing. You were, in a tiny little package, the conjoining of two souls in love, that God himself put together with his bare hands. You were my son, everything true and right to your mommy.

My sweet son Solomon, you touched my life in a way that no one ever has. You taught me more about love and life than anyone ever could. You showed me more of Gods love and teachings more than any one will ever be able to.

My sweet baby Solomon, mommy loves you with all of whats left of her heart and soul. Mommy thinks of you every minute of the day. Mommy misses you with ever cell of her body. 

My sweet and precious Solomon, mommy is sorry that she couldn’t help you. Mommy is sorry she didn’t hear you cry for help when you needed her. Mommy is sorry she didn’t know you were in trouble so that I could run to save you.

Solomon, I will never let you go. You live in my heart forever, and I dream of the day mommy will get to hold you again, so I can tell you how much I have missed you. On that day, I will be whole again.

Watch over your mommy, tell Jesus to protect her and to bless her with your baby brother or sister that already live with you in heaven. Can you come visit me in my dreams? Mommy can’t wait to see you again. For now, I love you through all the amazing memories you have given me, and pictures we have of the most perfect face of love I have ever seen.

I love you, I love you, I love you. 



Your mommy