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Why I started a Mom Blog

Luana CardenasComment

For a long time now, Ive been thinking of starting a blog. First off, I love blogs. I follow many bloggers for Hair and makeup tips, and just recently, mom tips. I'm always back and forth with myself, "What will I write about?", "No one will read my blog!", boo hoo, and whatever.

I decided to take the "plunge" (Whoa, like it a big deal... even dogs have blogs now). So I wanted to start of my first post with a list of why I started this blog. This list is for myself, maybe I'll refer back to it every once in a while if I get the urge to delete it (I have the habit of getting really excited about something and never finishing it, but maybe thats a topic for another blog post).


So here it goes... Reasons I started this Blog. Lets be real, it's a mom blog. I don't care, I'm a mom. Wait, let me say that again.... I'm a mom. Wow, that sounds awesome. Ok... lets carry on.

First Reason. Because I flipping wanted to. Ok, glad we got that out of the way.

Second Reason. I like Interior Design, and I like mom stuff. So I want to talk about it. (looks left, looks right) no one is here... so let me write about it.

Third Reason. Because I find that being pregnant can really (I mean, reallly) clear up your schedule. I Found out I was pregnant when I was in the midst of taking a full load of Classes at my interior Design program and working part time. I literally went nuts-0. So, this quarter Im taking one class, and doing my regular work schedule. Next quarter I'll have my precious baby in arms, so obvi no classes. Anyway, I'm home a lot, I clean a lot, and well, I get bored a lot.

Fourth Reason. No one wants to hang out with a preggers. Lets be real, we're not that fun. Plus I find myself suddenly giving off this mom vibe like all the sudden I know whats best for everyone. People don't like that. I can't help if I'm gestating a baby and all the sudden its made me realize all these amazing things about life and whats actually important. No one cares, even I'm bored with myself.

Fifth Reason. What a great way to share what I like about design and my new experiences on motherhood. Don't think for one second I believe people will actually read this blog. I mean, Maybe a friend or two, mayybbee my cousins... but thats if they really have nothing to do. I don't blame them. Hopefully, I'll make a connection or two. Ehh, whatever.

So thats my list! :)

I hope to write about my nursery plans and very important mom topics I will have to face soon such as titty juice pumping', placenta eatin' and natural birth deliverin' (Yayy). So stay tuned, or not... thats cool too.