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Solomon's Nursery Mood and Ideas

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I am not an interior designer. Yes, I go to school so I can be one, but that makes me a student. Officially, officially, I become one when I receive my bachelors (I'm only 6 classes away!). Even that is up for discussion. In the ID world, there are a lot of gray areas (As it is still a developing career). Some think you don't need a degree, some swear by it and say that those people ruin the industry. I lean more towards the degree. I am not naive enough to think I will learn everything about the industry in school, but I do believe I can invest in a good professional platform to best equip myself for the real world. Some even think you also have to become licensed to become a "legit" Interior designer (Which you can only do with a bachelors degree and with 4 years of experience under a licensed design firm). Yay to bureaucracy.

What I'm trying to say is, I don't know everything and I'm still learning. I do however, know what I like... and have some ideas for Solomon's nursery :). eeeekkkk keep scrolling!

Here's a little Mood board I set up for the lil bae's room.



I wanted to keep everything very neutral. I'm not into the whole explosion of blue or pink based on the babies gender. I'm sorry, I'm just over it. There are so many other colors on the color spectrum. Not to mention layers, textures and patterns that can be thrown in to add interest and character.

Now, I know my room seems very bland in color. I plan to add accents of Turquoise and other colors throughout the room with accesories, books, and a fun little mobile... and a kick ass accent wall! (Which I'll post about once the painter comes this week!!)

Anyway, these are just the main pieces, which are actually all purchased (yay to not leaving everything last minute!). 

Hudson Mid-Century Crib. I fell in love with this crib when I first saw it on Pinterest. The most popular version is by Serena&Lily. However, with a quick google search, I was able to find it at Target online for a little less. I ordered it, and it came in a week later in perfect condition! This crib is gorgeous and the quality is amazing. So happy with it! 

Hudson Wing back Rocker. Not only is this rocker exactly what I was looking for, gray with white trim, but it is absolutely amazing and sturdy and awesome. We ordered this rocker on Overstock. shipping is always fast and I think I even had a coupon. Score.

Plum & Bow round mandala rug. If you ever searched for a round rug you know that they are practically extinct. I was set on a round rug and this was the perfect color, size, and I love me a good mandala pattern. I ordered it at Urban Outfitters, its back ordered but guaranteed to arrive sometime in June. For 60 bucks, I don't mind the wait. (Prices recently went up)

Altea 3 Light chandelier. Also another Overstock Purchase. Also had a coupon. I knew I wanted a white drum shade to add sophistication, but the sheer fabric around the shade made it so appropriate for a little boys nursery.

Ikea Brimnes Drawer Chest. This will be used for the changing pad. Its the perfect height, and the width is sufficient. We actually already own this, so we just have to move it to the nursery when the room is ready.

The Closet organization and book shelving are not pictured... and I cannot wait to show you my accent wall when it's donel!!!!.

Here are views of the current situation.... :) its coming alooooooong!

P.s. I removed the closet doors because I wanted the closet to be more of a cute "display"/storage area and part of the over all design. We're keeping the doors if things get too messy when babe grows up :).

What do you guys think?