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Coronata Wall Hack and DIY

Design & DIYLuana Cardenas3 Comments

Soooo, for the longest time I have been obsessing over the ever so trendy Coronata wallpaper from Osborne & Little.  They have the original version a lot of people having been lusting after. But you know, Ain't nobody got time for wallpaper. Well, I got a little time, but not enough of the $$$, ya' feel?

I First fell in love with it when I saw it on the Honey and Fitz blog, which I like to visit quite often. After that, I have seen it all over Pinterest and Nursery trend list's. Its kind of like when before your pregnant, you never see a pregnant woman... but then when you're pregnant...all the sudden the whole world and their mom is pregnant lol.

Anyway, there are many similar DIY's for similar accent walls available out there... But my version is so easy peezy!! (lame) The over all process took about an hour and the outcome is gorgeous and actually came out much better than I expected!! 

Thanks to my amazing husband and mother, they always carry out my project visions. I've never actually been the do it yourself type of gal... just the point and tell people what to do type.

 I am not proud of this. However trust me... no one wants me near a tool box.

First step, obvi, paint the background the color of your preference. I chose White in an eggshell finish. I honestly don't even know the name of the color. I was just like "Ay yo, give me a gallon of your whitest paint", to the Home Depot painter cashier guy. Great success. The color has no weird under tones.

Second step, decide how far apart you want your Coronata Decals. Measure accordingly and mark with a pencil along all four corners of the wall you are working on.

I got my decals from Walls Need Love on Etsy. Good quality, highly recommend :)! They have many other cute decals.

I set my stars 20'' apart on center, and the proportion is very nice.

Third Step, we started chalking up the lines with the chalk line reel by following the pencil marks we made previously (This part was a little messy).

Fourth Step, Start a Stickin' the decals :), this I helped with lol, and so did our little Oliver!

Fifth Step, Wipe chalk with a wet rag and the Mr. Clean magic eraser. 

Sixth Step, look back and enjoy!! I am so happy with how my design slaves (mu-ha ha!) I mean mom and hubby :) made my Coronata wall come true!! 

So, would any of you try something like this!? :)