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5 practical tips to loving your home

Luana Cardenas5 Comments

After moving into my parents house to grieve our little Soly, Lucas and I finally moved back home this week. Coincedentally (or not) right on Solomon's 6th monthaversary. All things considered, We are so happy to be home! So I got to thinking how much I actually love my home. Not so much for the things that abide in it, but for the love and pure coziness my husband and I have created. So I decided to write up a lil' summin summin design oriented for you guys. I am Designing Mama after all  ;).

Being a recent interior design school grad (Yay!), I often get asked simple design questions; Usually along the lines of what color should something be, like a pillow or window treatments. Interior design is not always so specific or solely color oriented, it is more about creating an overall successful atmosphere that everyone can feel comfortable, safe, relaxed, and genuinely enjoy. 

From a recent design grad to you, I thought I could offer a few practical ways on how a simple gal like me goes about designing a home you can love. No fancy interior design budget needed :)!

1. Creating a beautiful home should be like an enjoyable walk in the park, not a race.

If you just bought a home or rented a new space, the first instinct is quite possibly along the lines of "Buy all the things!" and "Fill all the spaces!". Even after living in our small town house for over three years, I would say it is still not completely complete. Perhaps it never will be. The best designs develop and evolve with time. So have a little patience design grasshoppa.

2. Wait to fall in love. 

Price is usually a big decision booster. I get that. But don't buy something just because it's well price and because yea maybe it will kind of work in that one place. Since your home is not a HGTV design set and does not have to be completely renovated and ready in 4.5 seconds, I encourage you to wait on the perfect pieces. Whether large furniture or simply decorating, don't settle for pieces you don't absolutely adore! 

3. Don't be afraid to take on a project.

Consider using family furniture, hitting the flea market, or maybe a friend is giving some old things away. We are often so quick to overlook something used when they can easily be scrubbed clean, painted, or maybe even serve as a different function. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. A weekend project can be so fun! Those are my favorite design pieces. Not to mention the great price tag!

Take my Dining room for example. I’ts not perfect. But I love it because I made it. Literally everything in this photo was DIY’ed.

The wood table and bench was made by my amazing daddy who knows how to do everything. We used salvaged wood we found in a warehouse and I stained it ma’self.

The wooden shelves and metal brackets bought at Home Depot and hung a la husband.

That old chest has been with me since I was like 15, I love it. It used to live next to my bed as a teenager, now it an extra storage for kitchen and random house stuff.

The terrariums and amazing abstract painting (lol!) yea, that was me.

4. It's ok to make mistakes.

Not too long ago, my mom asked me to help her pick a new interior wall color for her house. Thirteen embarrassing wall swatches later, we finally chose a color. The painter was half way done with the living room when we realized the color was totally wrong. My mother did have to pay for the re-painting, but that's what it took to find the perfect color. Moral of the story, it's ok if you don't get it right the first time. We saw the weird green undertone that the exterior light was reflecting and saw that we had to go a different direction. Everyone can learn from their mistakes, especially in design.

5. (This one is important) Design firstly for yourself. 

Sure we want our friends and family to compliment us on all of our hard work. However, if you design in a way that makes you happy, your home will not only be beautiful and meaningful to you and your family but be a space that you and your guests can appreciate and enjoy for your uniqueness.

I hope you guys enjoyed these practical tips!
Do you have any tips that you use/ have used to love your home? Please do share :)