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4 Tips for New Moms on Registering

Luana Cardenas1 Comment



First and foremost, do not (I repeat, do not) wait until you are 6 months to finally get your butt over to the baby store to register. I remember having a conversation with my mom, and she asks me how long I thought it would take us to go through the whole store. Very naively I said, "ohhh not more than an hour".  45 minutes later, we were still not past the bottles section. By the second isle, my feet were swelling, and very strangely sweating... a lot. My back felt like it was literally about break off itself, and I was exhausted. We were in the third isle.

So, my biggest suggestion, register sooner. I know some moms may feel a little weird registering if they feel they are not "showing" enough, or maybe they think its over kill for doing it too soon. But trust me ladies... If I had gone at 4 months, I would have ended up with more that 40 items on my list and not having to do the rest online....and overall would have enjoyed the experience a little more.


Secondly, you will not be there for only an hour, and girl... you are pregnant at a baby store, is no one going to see you or remotely be interested in your fat self (sorry). Go comfy. Wear your loose pants, and defff wear your most comfortable-est pair of shoes. There was one point when I just took my shoes off and started walking barefoot in the store. No shit's to be given. Preggers have to be comfy!


Thirdly, your squad goals should be you and one other key person. Any more than that and there will be too many opinions flying all over the place. For me, my main bish is always my mom. She helped me make decisions like which bathing tub was better, which blanky was cuter, and how many pacifiers I should scan. I asked my husband to come along because I really wanted him to be involved and participate. As a friend once said, men can be as useful as watching paint dry. Lucas (hubby) sat in the corner on his phone for most of the time, and half the time following us making sure we were making quick decisions, so he... can get the heck out of there. Although I love my hubby very much, his presence was useless to me.

Idealy, it would be nice to have someone there who is familiar with baby products and which are the best brands, etc. We probably scanned things we didn't need, and some not so good products. Owell.


Lastly, Don't go scanner happy but also don't be too picky (Yet, another impossible standard for women). I have picky tendencies... that is why after like an hour and a half... I only scanned about 40 items. Being as I invited 140 people to my baby shower, this is not even enough for half the guests. Listen, I know 140 people is a shit load of people, and trust me when I said we tried to keep it small. However, Im Brazilian and my parents know a lot of people. Anywayyyy, find a balance or you will either spend a lot of time exchanging items or purchasing things on your own. Also, a little research never hurt no body. At least on the bigger things like stroller, car seat, and the best baby bottles, etc. My mom and I were totally blind sighted by all the options.

Side note: I personally love it when people buy off registries. It shows the host that they took time to consider what they wanted, and didn't just stop by a Walmart to buy a gift card on the way to the party while simultaneously making them 45 minutes late. Keep it classy people.


Have any tips for me??

What must haves should I add to my registry!? Help!?