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DesigningMama turns One and Giveaway!

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DesigningMama has turned One!

Its been just over a year since my first post. I remember how excited I was to be pregnant. I remember how eager I was to share my wonderful experience with all of you through this blog. Remember when I shared my 22 week Bumpdate, and my 4 Tips on Registering for new Mamas? I even shared my idea for Solomon's NurserySighhhh. Although I often write in tears, continuing to do so has been one of the best decisions I could have made.

5 practical tips to loving your home

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Being a recent interior design school grad (Yay!), I often get asked simple design questions; Usually along the lines of what color should something be, like a pillow or window treatments. Interior design is not always so specific or solely color oriented, it is more about creating an overall successful atmosphere that everyone can feel comfortable, safe, relaxed, and genuinely enjoy. 

From a recent design grad to you, I thought I could offer a few practical ways on how a simple gal like me goes about designing a home you can love. No fancy interior design budget needed :)!

What level baby shower guest are you? (Beginner, Moderate, and Advanced Levels explained)

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Planning a baby shower was kind of a big deal (For me at least). This is my first born, and I really wanted to do something special. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, throwing a baby shower is not only a financial investment, but a serious emotional one too. I mean, some serious blood, sweat and tears were wrought people.

In short, I threw my baby shower to celebrate my babies life who is about to enter this universe. I invited those who I cared about, and those I know who care for me too. I wanted these people to participate in the immense joy my family and I are having in this wonderful phase we're in, of welcoming a gorgeous new and wrinkly little member into our family!

4 Tips for New Moms on Registering

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First and foremost, do not (I repeat, do not) wait until you are 6 months to finally get your butt over to the baby store to register. I remember having a conversation with my mom, and she asks me how long I thought it would take us to go through the whole store. Very naively I said, "ohhh not more than an hour".  45 minutes later, we were still not past the bottles section. By the second isle, my feet were swelling, and very strangely sweating... a lot. My back felt like it was literally about break off itself, and I was exhausted. We were in the third isle.

When you're pregnant.... A lot of people will upset you.

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Uno. You just discovered your creating a human, and it's kind of a big deal. This type of news kind of shakes your world (especially if it was unexpected). This type of news, makes you happy, confused, nervous and excited all at the same time... It changes your life! So while you are in this awesome crazy roller coaster trying to figure things out... Everyone is just like "Yawnnn, awesome I have to go wash my hair now".