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Tattoo's For Solomon

Luana Cardenas12 Comments

I always knew it was only a matter of time before getting a tattoo that symbolized the love I have for my son. I have always seen tattoo's as beautiful body art, especially if they are tasteful and meaningful. I spent months deciding how I could capture his memory in a timeless and elegant way. I thought of wings, his little feet, his birth date, flowers, etc. After hours, no, weeks of Pinteresting, all I kept going back to was his beautiful name. How I picked it so tenderly for my perfect angel. I chose it with such love and it was perfect for my sweet boy.

Location, location, location.. amirite? I wanted my tattoo to be visible but not obnoxious. I wanted my tattoo where I could see it, but not in my face all the time. I've seen plenty of girls with tattoos behind their arm and it seemed like a good choice.

After deciding on the concept and placement, my next task was finding a good tattoo artist. The last couple times I got a tattoo, I was either extremely young (This may or may not involve a tramp stamp incident), and another time I was slightly tipsy (I actually really love that one, lol). I wanted to find a clean shop that not only does awesome ink, but has great customer service. There is nothing worse than walking into a shop that reeks of cigarettes and weed. Even worse, walking in and being treated less simply for the reason that you are not completely covered in huge tattoos. All of my tattoos are small, and in the past I have felt like some tattoo artists have made me feel like they "don't matter" and as if they don't deserve the care and thoughtfulness maybe a bigger tattoo would. This time around, I wasn't going to settle. I know what I want is simple, but I still want it to be extremely well done. So one day just scrolling on my Instagram, I stumbled on a friends beautiful rose tattoo and I knew right away I had found my artist.

I was surprised to find that the Black Rose Tattoo Shop was so close to where I live, just five minutes to be exact! I walked in and Sabrina was just as nice as she is beautiful (Girl Crush!). She was super patient and even helped me search for the perfect font (The font name got cut off in the picture, oops!). I loved how this one looked handwritten and the letters were thin and slightly slanted.

Just a couple of weeks before finally deciding on my tattoo, I lured my mom into the ink fun and it wasn't even hard. She loved the idea of honoring our angel. We attended a butterfly release after Solomon passed, so she resolved on a dainty butterfly. I gave her the halo idea and we thought it was very fitting. Her and Sabrina got along so well, it was so cute, lol.

Over all I had a great experience at The Black Rose Tattoo Shop, and Sabrina will forever do my future tattoos, sorry mom!

We might have to go back to get my moms little halo darkened but I love how dainty and well done our tattoos came out! Sorry our tat's look a little crusty... they are still healing! 

Do you have any tattoos of your children's names?