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Stillborn, Still a mother #MotherhoodChallenge

Luana CardenasComment

I officially nominate myself for the #MotherhoodChallenge.

It may be something silly going around Facebook right now, but I do identify myself as a mother. Bereaved, yes. Although my son was Stillborn and I am Still his mother.

These six pictures may bring me woven emotions, but all those feelings are stemmed from a place of extreme and unconditional love. 

I know that a special momma out there must have created this "Challenge" as an excuse to show off her child(ren), living I'm sure. I am not cynical enough to blame this momma for being insensitive. Although everything these days can be a reminder that life can be so unfair.

I am strong and proud to be Solomon's mommy. He still brings me so much good and loving feelings in his own special way. I am learning to embrace my own unique motherhood and learning to live this daily challenge the best I can.

Motherhood is wonderful and beautiful (Not a competition). We are all special and unique mommies.

Happy Motherhood to mommies with babies and angels.