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Dermatologist Hair loss Update and Castor Oil

Luana Cardenas1 Comment

A couple of weeks ago I went on a small rant of my noticeably increasing Hair loss. I was so frustrated that all my thick healthy hair I acquired while pregnant was falling out. Especially in the hairline region, not cute! After posting on Facebook, I was relieved to discover through the comments that many other mommies also experienced Postpartum Alopecia and that it is actually totally normal! Look at me, learning new things everyday.

Being a worry wart, I still went to see a dermatologist to get the inside scoop on what is actually going on with my hair and if there is anything I can do to stop this madness or promote new hair growth. It turns out, you cant. After poking around my scalp for about half a second and asking me a few simple questions, the doctor basically said there is not much that can be done besides wait out the postpartum hair loss period, which could last up to six months to a year, smh!

I know I could have resorted to Dr. Google or Nurse Pinterest to get this exceptionally underwhelming information and save myself time and a co-payment, but I didn't want to just take the internet's word over something that was truly bothering me. I didn't want to wake up with a 70 year old man’s hairline one day and not have done all that I could do to save myself! (I know, drama mama over here).

Loosing my hair has taken more than just a slight tole on my confidence. Perhaps because  I still have to deal with all this postpartum bullshit, with no reward. You know that beautiful healthy amazing squirming with love reward you get after a long nine months of pregnancy. Trust me when I say, I would not mind loosing every last single one of my hairs for a lifetime if it meant I could have my sweet Solomon here with me.

So as it is with everything else in life, we have to learn to make the best of what life is serving us at the moment. I know this hair loss thing is not a life changer, my hairline will grow back to normal eventually and I have much to be thankful for. I also know that I will get my shiny reward one day, and that it is only a matter of patience and time. 

Taken on 1/28/16 About 2 months after noticing decreasing hairline, fml.

Taken on 1/28/16 About 2 months after noticing decreasing hairline, fml.

Meanwhile, you can find me rolling deep on prenatals and Biotin supplements. I am also washing my hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Restore & Regrow Shampoo and Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Restore & Regrow Hair Serum. Bought very affordably at the local drug store.


I have been using these two products for the last two weeks, and am really loving how soft it makes my hair feel. I massage the shampoo into my hair for about 5 minutes twice a week, and rub the serum along my hair line every other day. I still have significant clumps of hair falling during the shower, but I have read great reviews on the benefits of castor oil and hair loss and am interested to see if it will work for me!

Have you guys tried castor oil or other products for hair loss?  Let me know :)